Friday, August 20, 2010

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Well, this is a law in physics proposed by one Isaac Newton, after he posted on his blog about the whole gravity business and had an equal number of trolls and supportive responses. I've found that it doesn't hold true in the case of eBay auctions for charity though. Astoundingly enough, after the shakesville post calling me out for doing good, the scales tipped ever so slightly in the direction of support and positivity, rather than trolling and negativity.

What's more, if you think of things in terms of energy, the messages of support were mostly things that people took time to write and probably really thought about. On the other hand I doubt it took much thought, time or energy to come up with a take down like "How far down does your neckbeard actually go? I'm guessing it covers all three chins, Mr. XXL.". I mean, for one thing doesn't everyone buy t-shirts one or two sizes larger if they can? I like a good loose fitting t-shirt, especially during August in California when it gets over 100 degrees regularly.

At any rate, thank you to all the readers from Shakesville and Penny-Arcade who took the time to say something nice and positive. So often we think of the Internet in general as being a horrible, toxic community full of nothing but trolls trolling trolls but honestly, there are a lot of good hearted positive people who spend time in the blogosphere and even the nerdy blogosphere specifically.

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