Monday, July 12, 2010

Scott Pilgrim versus Mel Gibson

So by all appearances, Scott Pilgrim Versus the World (the movie) erases the bi-sexuality of the principle female love interest which was visible in the original male nerd power fantasy self insert graphic novel. This probably won't matter too much to the intended audience: Nice Guys aka Internet Nice Guys.  It's a shame really, because there is already enough geekculture coming out in the forseeable future that excludes any views which aren't heteronormative as fuck.

I mean, did Hollywood see the numbers for 300 and decide that they'd only adapt Frank Miller's personal brand of power fantasy into film, or change other stuff that gets adapted so it conforms with the established tropes of Monsieur Miller?

On a side note, Mel Gibson hit his ex and walks the streets a free man, as does the rapist director Polanski. A failure not only on the part of law enforcement but also the media. Tiger Woods sleeps around and its in the news cycle for over nine thousand months, Mel Gibson hits his ex, threatens her and in the process makes misogynist and racist remarks but you'd be hard pressed to see it on the local news or paper. Same with Polanski, who has yet again been released and has not served one day in jail for raping a 13 year old.