Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Questionable Content: Explained

In the first panel, the blonde young woman is inquiring as to the nature of emotions associated with pressing lips to the lips of a male. The young woman with brown hair responds as if the question was pertaining to physical sensation rather than emotions, most likely due to the fact she is occupied with a video game and therefore wanted to avoid a lengthy exchange.

In the second panel the young woman with blonde hair is either distracted by the realization that men often have facial hair, or is simply giving up on her previous line of inquiry. The young woman at the computer seems somewhat frustrated with her game, and is apparently about to swear.

In the third panel the young woman with blonde hair shows concern for her friend's ongoing distress and inquires as to her progress in the game. The young woman with brown hair uses a vulgar term for the mentally retarded to refer to some union of enemies, and explains that this union is attempting (unsuccessfully) to engage her in mortal combat. For whatever reason, the use of ableist language is not further commented on.

In the final frame we see a young man striking a pose not unlike that of Gendo Ikari throughout most of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. The reflection on the glasses further suggests this reference, although the signature gloves are missing. Likely this is due to the fact it would be quite difficult for one to type with gloves in the style of Geno Ikari, and seeing someone sitting at a computer with gloves would greatly impair the viewer's ability to suspend disbelief. The young man apparently is a member of the "Alliance" and quotes a line from something. I'm unsure but I know it's something in pop-culture.

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